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【STOCK】 The Diver “ 369 ” FullyAged

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But let me introduce few things about this piece. This is what I call “ FullyAged ” which has my vintage aging for whole watch. When I made this amazingly done dial, I needed to make this happen. 

Looks beaten up and fits your wrist nicely like genuine vintage watch. But same reliability as brand new watch. You can feel my Japanese craftsmanship everywhere. 

It’s not just making scratches and dents. Vintage watch became vintage watch by wearing few decades everyday. Scratches are from clothes, table, hit something etc… and polishing by them or watchmaker. And again and again. Someone does great polish sometimes not good. It’s not just once of scratches and polish. I redone those processes to make this beauty. That’s why this looks so realistic.


I would like to explain more and more. I think I can explain 10 times more about my KATABAMI watch. But I’m not good storyteller so please watch pictures and ask me if you have any questions. I’m pretty sure you will like more when you receive this.


This one is stock one. So you will get this exactly model and don’t need to wait few weeks to build. But also I can make it as you want too. Like more vintage or less vintage. Feel free to text me.


Don’t miss it if you like it. 





Material : 316L Stainless steel

Dial : Vintage aging effects one by one by hand / "カタバミ時計ジャパン" is "Katabami Watch Japan" in Japanese. With "Katabami" my Japanese family crest 

Glass : Domed acrylic crystal glass

Hands : Vintage aging effects one by one by hand / Silver OR Gold

Strap : 316L Stainless steel Oyster, Rivet, Jubilee


Case Diameter : 39.5 mm

→Vintage watch must be small like 36mm. But it’s about dressy watch not diver watch. Sounds big but it’s small for vintage diver watch.

Case Thickness : 16 mm with domed glass / 11.5 mm without

→Vintage model must be thinner but too thin is not good for diver model like this. This case has the best balance.

Lugs to Lugs
 : 47 mm

→This measurement is important to you to know how will this fits to your wrist.

Lug Width : 20 mm

→You can get leather band or other SS bracelet with this measurement.

Buckle Width : 17 mm 


SEIKO Group SII NH35A(Automatic)

Power Reserve : 40 Hours

Frequency : 21,600 vibrations per hour 

Functions : Hack Function

  • As an art

    Every piece is handmade by me with craftsmanship & artistic taste. Hope you can enjoy and appreciate imperfections.

  • Worldwide shipping

    Ship from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Pack each shipping with gratitude.

Shipping cost

Rest of world XS
Europe POSTNL (5-7DAYS) : €10 DHL EXPRESS (1-2DAYS) : €30
Rest of world POSTNL (15-20DAYS) : €25 DHL EXPRESS (2-5DAYS) : €75

* I want to be fair and equal for all customers. So I take shipping fee from each customer. I hope you can understand.

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