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The Diver "Ageyourself"

The Diver "Ageyourself"

Do you want to age it by yourself OR prefer only vintage dial, hands & bezel? Then "AgeYourself" series is for you.


Dial, Hands & Bezel are only Vintage Effects. Non Vintage Effects on Case & Bracelet.


But only those effects makes every watch unique. There are no same watches in the world and the future.


「 文字盤 」
" Dial " 



◆ Family Crest

Brand name “ Katabami ” and the flower is from my family crest. I want to continue this 「 家紋 」culture. And it's representing my pride for quality. If I make sh!t products, I regard same as bring dishonour to my family name.


◆ Logo

「 カタバミ時計ジャパン 」is "Katabami Watch Japan" in Japanese letters




◆ Patina Aged Effects

Like dial became patina brighter color, I make it happen. This Patina Aged Effects makes my watches true vintage looks.




◆ Faded Bezel

It is not simple fading. My special technique make this natural vintage bezel.




◆ Hands

Not only paint job for this. Especially look closely at metal part of hands. Can you see that?





◆ Domed Acrylic Glass

 Of course cannot miss this for vintage mod. Beautiful shape 5513 style.



Don’t miss it if you like it.  There is only one in the world & even I cannot make the same again.

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