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The 36mm “Malachite”

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I always love gem stone from I was 6 years old. In Japan, there is culture which calls 「お年玉🧧」“Otoshidama”. Parents and grandparents give few bucks like €10-€50 for their kids when new years family gatherings. And I still remember that I got €30 in total and spend all to same this Malachite & Labradorite when I was 6 or 7 years old.


And those gem stones are kind of true vintage or antique. Spent countless years to became like this. That’s so cool isn’t it?


Especially this stone “Malachite” was used as cosmetic or paint in Egypt 3,000 B.C. Over 5,000 years ago! And also been used as paint to famous Japanese paintings called 「浮世絵」 “Ukiyoe” in 「江戸時代」 “Edo Period” Called 「緑青(ろくしょう)」 “Rokushō” as color.


And this stone “Malachite” is called “the stone for protection”. When it’s cracked, that means this stone protected you and finished the role.


Anyway I did vintage effects on this dial and hands to give my original taste on it. I don’t want to make same as every other watch maker does so. It’s really beautiful in person.



Please check availability before purchasing. I can show you pictures of the dial I have as stock. OR you can just place order as "Trust you Katabami"


Don’t miss it if you like it. 

*My vintage aging outside such as case & bracelet is “FullyAged” option. Which is additional €250.


【 About product 】

FullyAged is the one with Vintage Aging on case and bracelet. This pictures piece is very natural light vintage. I made more vintage aging one too so feel free to ask pictures. And please choose AgeYourself if you prefer brand new parts for case and bracelet. You can enjoy age yourself👌🏼


The 36mm is named after one of the iconic vintage watch " 1016 Explorer 1 " I think the most elegant and the best size watch in the history. That’s why I wanted to make this perfect and finally i can release this after few years of planning.


My camera technique isn’t enough sadly... So cannot tell how well balanced & shaped is this. But you have my guarantee that it’s way better in person. 




Material : 316L Stainless steel

Dial : Vintage aging effects one by one by hand / "カタバミ時計ジャパン" is "Katabami Watch Japan" in Japanese. With "Katabami" my Japanese family crest 

Glass : Domed acrylic crystal glass

Hands : Vintage aging effects one by one by hand / Silver OR Gold

Strap : 316L Stainless steel Oyster, Rivet, Jubilee


Case Diameter : 36 mm

Case Thickness : 13 mm with domed glass ( 11mm from top of bezel to back lid )

Lug Width : 20 mm

Lugs to Lugs : 44 mm

Buckle Width : 17 mm 


SEIKO Group SII NH35A(Automatic)

Power Reserve : 40 Hours

Frequency : 21,600 vibrations per hour 

Functions : Hack Function

  • As an art

    Every piece is handmade by me with craftsmanship & artistic taste. Hope you can enjoy and appreciate imperfections.

  • Worldwide shipping

    Ship from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Pack each shipping with gratitude.

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* I want to be fair and equal for all customers. So I take shipping fee from each customer. I hope you can understand.

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