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The chronograph

The chronograph

The best 6263 mod in history





Perfect shape with Japanese Craftsmanship makes this watch perfect. Let me introduce why I can say that.

「 テクニック 」
” Techniques ”

Passion with many unique techniques makes this looks faithfully reproduced vintage watch. Not like just scratches or dents.
I redone the process of aging. I spent countless hours & experiments to achieve this. 

「 プロポーション 」
” Proportions ”

Shape of case is just amazing looks from all angles. 

Case size especially thickness. Not unacceptable ugly too thick fat case. 12mm without glass makes authentic vintage looking.

Correct position of chronograph, not too far & not too close chronograph.
*Chronograph at 6 o’clock position is fixed for thickness. So not working. I think it is more important to make thinner as possible more than the working useless 12h chronograph which never use.
You can choose The Oyster or The Rivet. The Oyster is the basic and The Rivet is true vintage. 
Rolled stainless steel with Rivets. A bit lightweight & super narrow width.  These details makes authentic & comfortable to wear more.