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"Obi" Watch tray

"Obi" Watch tray

Introducing the gorgeous and elegant watch tray, made with Japanese vintage fabric made by the true traditional way 「唐織」”Karaori”. Designed to hold and display your timepieces on the Japanese history. Also not only to hold and display your timepieces in a unique and elegant way, but also to help keep the Japanese tradition alive.


The watch tray is made with high-quality Japanese vintage fabric that has been carefully selected to provide a touch of traditional Japanese culture to your collection. The fabric used in the tray is not only beautiful and eye-catching but also durable and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for keeping your watches organised and protected with Finest quality silk.


By purchasing this watch tray, you are not only investing in a stylish piece for your collection, but also supporting the preservation of traditional Japanese culture. Because this 「唐織」“Karaori” technique is disappearing because of many reasons.  "No need anymore" "Luck of inheritor" and other many reasons. Same as other Japanese traditions. 


Back the age of there was Samurai, this unique outstanding fabric was only for General or high class Samurai when 500-700’s 「室町時代」”Muromachi - period”. Also when 1600-1700’s 「戦国時代」”Sengoku - Period” Represented & shows the power. Be loved by many people.

*豊臣秀吉 Hideyoshi Toyotomi who is the first conquer or unifying of Japan at 1600's loves same "Karaori" fabric jacket. At Tokyo National Museum


But once disappeared, this beautiful traditions are never come back. Those things aren’t easy to inherit from the masters. And there is many things only inside the brain of the masters. 


That’s why I started this collection. I really want to keep this amazing tradition alive. And also I know you guys understand "What’s real goods & quality" So I want you to have this for yourself & this Japanese tradition.


*Displayed same "Karaori" fabric at Rijksmuseum (The national museum of the Netherlands) in Amsterdam
*Displayed same "Karaori" fabric at Rijksmuseum (The national museum of the Netherlands) in Amsterdam


I really appreciate you always to help me what I want to do. "Keep Japanese craftsmanship alive"


You can trust that what you are purchasing is not a fake imitation Japanese-style, but a true representation of Japanese traditions.