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My Story & Inspiration

My Story & Inspiration

I am excited to share the story and inspiration behind my Katabami Watch with you.


Although I am not a writer and my English skills are limited, I wanted to share my thoughts and stories in my own words. Please excuse any errors in writing or grammar.


1, Creation is in my heart from when 3 years old 

2, Grow up with History 

3, Need to make it by myself 

4, Japan to The world


1, Creation is in my heart from when 3 years old 

I’m not the one who has a good memory. But I still remember that my parents were very surprised both ways. Good & bad.  Since I alway tried to disassemble many stuff. Mechanical toy from Disney, speaker, and of course watch. I tried to open but of course I couldn’t. So I ripped the crown out... One time, I tried to touch TV which was on the cabinet. So I made stairs with drawer and climbed. And TV falls off from the top of the cabinet to my head. So there is still have a flat part of my head.


I opened the Braun tube TV after a few years. As you know, which is suicidal. I will talk about this next time maybe. So anyway, I was curious about "how it works" and "how to make it".  Mechanism & Inside of it. That’s what I am from child till now.


But my parents was not that supportive of it. For now, I think it was education to not be a spoiled child. Actually, this education makes me more creative. So really appreciated now and always tell them when I meet them.


When I was 14 or 15, one of the evolutionary memorable thing happened to me. I bought one junk broken headphones for €50 & fixed it by myself. And sold for €200!! I could buy more junk and enjoy fixing & watching mechanism inside. Basically, it was a hobby with making money. Really enjoyed it and still now.


Recently I got broken €1,000 Ergohuman office chair for free and fixed it by myself. Of course I am happy with I could save money, but I realized that Achievement is the key of my joy. So I am enjoying the process of making and also see finished watch too.



2, Grow up with History 


Have you ever heard of Japan as the oldest country in the world? Also the longest history of loyal family. And there is the oldest company in the world too. There’s over 10 companies have more than 1,000 years of record.


Those means in Japan, History & Tradition everywhere. Especially buildings. Also, there is skyscrapers such as New York City. I grow up with both.


I have seen many historic things though my life that mean same as vintage. So I know how real vintage things looks like. This experience is definitely one of the most important things for my aged watch building.


And also leads me to live here Amsterdam. I am still living with history. My apartment in Amsterdam is over 100 years old so.


3, Needed to make it by myself 

I always wanted to get vintage ROLEX. Those looks amazing and unique. There are never any two the same in the world. They makes watch with high quality materials & high standards. So became better in vintage. Ordinary brand's vintage cannot be like ROLEX vintage because of that.


BUT those are extremely expensive. Also too much meaning for speculative & investment actions. So I cannot enjoy it as "watch". I don’t hesitate to pay for things which is convincing as value of itself. But I don’t think ROLEX vintage market now a days is not in my opinion. 


That’s why I started to make it by myself. I am the only one who can make me convinced. And I was sure I can make the best vintage mod watch in the world. Because of my personality which I mentioned above.


4, Japan to the world


Includes before I moved here Amsterdam, I'm doing this for 7 years & sold few hundreds of watches. I was doing it only for Japan before but I started Instagram and go for worldwide after moved to Amsterdam from Tokyo.


And finally made this website. Also did this by myself to rethink "What I want to do" "What I can do". It was not easy to make this without any help but it was great moments. Also it was necessary to write down like this.


I am really glad all compliments from all over the world. As craftsman & Artist.


Please feel those my craftsmanship & art. I will never make you regret. As Japanese craftsmanship. My logo "Katabami" is my family crest for showing my confidence & determination. Uncompromising every details.


I am not perfect yet. But promise you to improve everyday.


Trust me, it’s way better in person.