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Feel 1,000 years of history & True Japanese craftsmanship



Hand weaving at traditional local town in Tokyo

Where still has old town atmosphere. I was living there for few years when I was in Japan. Old good buildings & Highest tower in the world (It was... not anymore but...)



Craftsman of this "Kumihimo" rope has over 100 years of family history of makings "Kumihimo" rope. He is the 6th generation of this craftsmanship.

Made with 100% finest silk with Japanese craftsmanship. Doesn’t make static electricity & make scratches to your watch.

 "Kumihimo" was used to 「鎧」"Yoroi" which is Samurai’s armor. Shows their power, richness. At famous 「江戸時代」 Edo Period which is 400 years ago, Also shows sense of fashion too. 

But really sadly, this beautiful Japanese tradition is disappearing. Because of "Cheap low quality foreign made" "No need Kumihimo anymore" "Luck of inheritor" and other many reasons. Same as other Japanese traditions. 
Once disappeared, never come back. Those things aren’t easy to inherit from the masters. And there is many things only inside the brain of the masters. 
That’s why I started this collection. I really want to keep this amazing tradition alive. And also I know you guys understand "What’s real goods & quality" So I want you to have this for yourself & this Japanese tradition.
I really appreciate you always to help me what I want to do. "Keep Japanese craftsmanship alive"