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Do you know that Japan is oldest country in the world? Also longest history of loyal family. And oldest company in the world too. There’s over 10 companies has more than 1,000 years of record.


Many factors & reasons why there’s so much history in Japan. But more importantly, those things are inside of me. I cannot explain how and why but that’s what I am. I was living with history and surrounded by Japanese people.


But those history is disappearing. Because of population decline & lose interest. We need to focus for those things again. Otherwise, those will be disappeared forever. Never come back.




Those unique history, culture will not come back easily. This 200 years, after western cultures spread to Japan, almost all of them is disappearing.


But I don’t think that’s bad things. We just need to save cultures and history. I want to do something helpful for that throughout this brand.

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